Saturday, October 6, 2007

Finally got some more done, got my Octagon Port sanded so it will fit in my frame just need to paint it now,kinda hard to paint anything right now it's been raining about 3 weeks now. Also got my Eye mounted today and Front Logic Ports just sitting in the holes and also got my holo mounted that was the easiest. : )...... I only sanded about 3 hours today : ( and man was my arms tired. Oh almost forgot I have my Coin Slots and Large Data Port just sitting where they go still need Painting which I will try as soon as the Rain stops. ; )..... Time to stop for now and start preparing for our First R2 Builders meeting in Jacksonville. More to come P.S. I also put a picture of what I am building her by we only have 3, I can't seem to find ant more pictures of R3 T7. If anybody can find any I would appreciate it.