Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spacer Painted

Finally got the Silver painted on my spacer on the Horseshoe, I still need to paint the Silver on the inner of the horseshoe.

Skirt Painted

Here are some pics of my Skirt, I have been working on since Megacon. I finished adding the braces and did glazing putty, and finally it is Painted turned out pretty nice.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Group Picture

Here are some Group pics, Thanks to Jim and Yvonne for setting everything it was wonderful, and keith and Carolyn was a trip as always, and Jerry Wow!! you are one Crazy Man LOL LOL And Brad it was a pleasure meeting you. And seeing all your droids, Todd, Mark, and Doug with his very cool Droid. I can't name everybody but, it was a pleasure.

Umbrella Attacks

Umbrella Corp taking care of calvins R2, and of course R2 tried to run me over so Umbrella was kind enough to lend me a gun, so I took care of R2 myself for teying to run over me and the rest is history.

More Con Pictures

Here are a few pics of the show one is Jim taking R2 for a walk his is the one with the back door off, it has clear Plexi glass on the back which looks really cool. you can see all the lights and the neat wireing job he did. The there is a picture of Calvin being interviewed by some people. And the others speak for themselves.

Pictures With Chewbacca

Here are some picsof Peter Mayhew and his wife and me ;o )... they were the coolest to meet one is where he signed my picture and one is where he came to our booth. We had a great time .