Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dome Marked

Here is my Dome with the panels drawed on Calvin did this, I think I would not have done such a good job as this. I still have some more work to do. and then paint everything.

BOY!!! did he have fun on this LOL LOL!!!! :0 )

Center Foot & Test Strip

Here is the Center Foot that Calvin made out of styerene the same piece that I cut my Skins out of, I also have enough to make my outer Feet too. He said I will cut them out and make them myself :0 ) I can't wait!!! And here is a sample Paint that I Painted yesterday and it turned out nice. Also I wanted to post a picture of my helper his name is Yoda. HE HE he is a Year and half old I got him when he was 6 Months. More updates to come :0 )

Almost Perfect Color

I found my Paint I am going to use first we went to the Hobby Shop where I thought I found it so we bought a Air Brush Gun. I was excited, so on the way home I needed some sand for my Pool filter and went by the Paint AND THERE IT WAS!!! :0 ) I knew that was the color I would use, It is Rustoleum American Accents, Sour Apple. We tested the color on the styerene and it was PERFECT with the Picture. We will air Brush the Darker color, I cant wait to see some panels painted. :0 )

Back Skins

Cutting on my rear Skins these are a little easier since I now am used to cutting

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Front Skins

I got my Front Skins cut yesterday have some sanding to do to clean up, but I don't think I did that bad on my cutting. Made a couple of BOO BOO'S but it's fixable. Calvin cut the circles because he did'nt trust me HE HE HE.

Thank You Chani for the Blue Prints

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Aspect Dome

Got my Aspect Dome and Sit and Spin.

Also found the ring at Michaels for $3.89 Good deal. The ring is to give my Dome a base to set on and allow it to turn. Once I get the Blue Prints printed I will start marking the Dome for Paint. And my next step is to find the right color.

R3 is kind of a light green where R2 is Blue if anybody knows the color it would be helpful. :0 )

Styrene Skins

Here is my skins I had the blueprints made up at

Kinko's only $21.74 . We sprayed the back of the sheets with tack spray and temporary bonded them to the styrene. It's very easy to work with just cut with a razor knife and then pop them out. : )

I am building a R3-T7

I am building a budget R3-T7 .
Most of my parts will be plastic or resin, it will be completly remote control.
My husband is building a R2-D2 mostly all his parts are aluminum.
I bought my skins on line with shipping was only $27.00 big difference from his.
Our family is a member of the R2 Builders Club.
Started cutting my skins yesterday and now my finger is numb : (
More to come soon.