Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Progress

Here is my Center Foot with the moons on looks pretty good it was easier than I thought Calvin did most of it, we used the Sttel pieces that Jason sent Calvin for his R2 :- ).
Also got my Legs drawed and cut out today, yep they need sanding I haven't sanded anything yet there's always tomorrow. The Legs were a lot easier than I thought I used the Caliper and rulers and Calvins Aluminum horse shoe and it turned out great, more to come :- )

More Progress

Here are some pictures of one of my outer feet and battery boxes not finished with them yet but, making some progress. I still need to sand and glue Boy!!! was that curve on the Foot a pain in the Butt!!! hehe. :- )

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cutting Outer Feet

I'm cutting my outer Feet boy the curves are a challenge, can't wait to see the finished product since I am cutting them and putting them together not Calvin. Hopefully I won't make too many BOO BOO'S.
Also Calvin made my half Moon for my center Foot, looks pretty good just some finish up work on it. :o )

Monday, July 2, 2007

More Progress

Made more progress today, sanded some more on my skins still have more sanding to do.
Also put another piece on my Center Foot, It's starting to look better.
And last cut out some of my styrene pieces for my Frame, we used a Roto Zip still need to sand the inside of the circle, But not bad it's the first time Calvin has used a Roto Zip. :o )
More updates to come.