Monday, October 20, 2008

Foot motor Holders

Here are some pics of my foot motor Holders, It took about 3 hours for me to get everything done. I had no problem putting the holders together, it was bolting it together. I would have 3 bolts and spacers all together starting on the 4th and, Calvin would come over and look and say, you need to do this first so all together today I assembled and dis assembled about 5 times AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!! I still have the other foot to bolt together, Probably I will do it tomorrow after work and making dinner ;o )..... And I almost forgot..... I nearly threw it across the room I was so tired of taking it apart.

Battery Boxes Update

Here is some pics of my Battery boxes put together, we used the Dave Everett Blue prints. It was pretty easy just a little time consumeing waiting for the glue to dry. I have started my Glazing putty now, I still need more on them,but it's a good start.

Leg Progress

Here is some more progress on my legs, I have done some Glazing Putty and sanding. Trying to get all the boo boo's.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Skinned Center Ankle

Here is a rough cut of my center ankle, I still need to do the glazing Putty. ;o ).......

Battery Boxes

We are now working on Battery boxes also, it has been pretty easy so far. I am building these from the Dave Everett plans, We will skin them tomorrow. We stood them up to Calvin's Aluminum Boxes and they match perfect!!! Phew.

Horse Shoe Update

Here is some pictures of my progress, We used weldon to glue all the pieces together. Then I cut some pieces of poly styrene and put them in the slots so you won't see where we put the shoes together. now it's time for Bondo and glazing Putty.

Leg Update

We have been workig on my legs some more, we added more supports.Here are some pics of my Boosters on and Ankles etc.