Wednesday, January 7, 2009

R3 Is Alive

Here is a Video of my R-3 SHE'S ALIVE MAAHAHAHA. We are still working on mounting the motor, Calvin was holding the motor while I was filming, can't wait till she is moving.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PVC Battery Boxes

Calvin decided to try something new that one of the other builders are making, PVC Battery Boxes turned out pretty nice I am glazing putty right now, I think it is ready for Primer. It took all day to get all the cutting done, I didn't make these Calvin did. But I am doing all the finishing touches. LOL LOL

My Legs Are Done

Well, it's about time I posted some of my progress, Ive been pretty busy with the holidays and work and my dad was pretty sick and also redoing my kitchen, which is turning out very well. So anyways I was still working just not as fast. i finally finished my leg painting in December so we attached them to see what they looked like. They turned out pretty nice and I have 1 of my outer ankles done I just need to sand the primer and look for anymore BOO BOO'S and then paint.