Sunday, March 16, 2008

PSI Lights In Dome

Finally I have one of my PSI lights mounted in the Dome it looks better in person ;o ).....

PSI Lights

Here is a video of my PSI Lights not mounted in the dome yet, the video does not show it very well but the Lights are green and White.

Ankle And Holo

I finally Got 1 of my Ankles Complete and got the other 1/2 way built still have a lot of work to finish it. We cut all the pieces on a band saw. I also did some work on my Holo sanded all the lines off the bottom of the Holo and Calvin used bondo to fill it in and then sanded and used Glazing Putty to fill in the bad spots and then I primed it today only 2 more to do.

Arms Mounted

Here are some pictures of my Arms and Vent My arms was a lot easier than Calvins was I sanded the arms but, I am waiting to Paint after all the adjustments are made. I don't want ant BOO BOO'S. My Vent turned out Awesome I had to sand my skins some more today trial fitting my 2nd Vent I still have some more adjustments to do to the arms. More to come.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mega Con

Here are some more Pics of Mega Con.

Pictures From Mega Con Orlando

Here are some Pics from Mega Con. We stood in line for 2 hours Keith and Carolyn stood in line with us, THANKS so the wait was'nt too bad.We
had a blast it was so packed half the time you couldn't walk. This was my first time ever to Mega Con so it was an experience. Next year we will be there with our Droids,also I want to thank Keith and Carolyn for dinner Sunday night it was great!!! ;o )..... I almost forgot Doug was in his Ghost Rider Costume it looked Fantastic.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Painted Vent Surrounds

Here is my Vent Surrounds I Painted today, this took a while had to do light coats every 10 minutes. And after the 3rd coat I sprayed every 15 minutes, only got 1 done today I will Paint the other tomorrow. ;o )........

Extra Support For Frame

Yes this was also done about 3 weeks ago I've just been lazy updateing my blog here we cut some PVC Home Building material Calvin got out of the Dumpster at a job site. LOL
Works great for FREE!!! now my frame is even more strong.

Leg And Ankle Progress

Ok I admit I have been slacking on updateing my blog, this is what I did 2 weeks ago. I cut supports for the inside of my feet so they will be strong.I got my Ankle cut and put together Calvin helped a lot on this . It turned out perfect it has since been Primed, and today I did the glazing putty, I will post pics when I am done sanding. ;o ).......