Monday, May 31, 2010

Preping For Painting

Well I have been Glazing putty all the pits in my Resin Parts that I've had for a couple of years LOL, and now it is Paint time!!!! My Cylinders are all almost done, I have to let the green paint that I did today dry till next weekend and the I can tape up the Green like I did on the 1st 2 and paint the silver. Next I will start on my Battery Boxes and Feet.

R-3's Feet

WOW!!! SORRY FOR THE COBWEBS ON MY BLOG LOL !!!!!! Finally got a foot done now it's time for the Pretty work!!! My job. Calvin has been working on my feet for a while now we have 1 fully complete and the other one needs the trim pieces at the bottom. then it will be finished, They turned out pretty nice for the first set. But I have been busy trying to get my girl finished for CV!!!! Can't wait to meet everybody there....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ankle Cylinders

I started working on my Detail Pieces did my glazing Putty to get rid of all the Pits, I also Painted my Ankle Cylinders this weekend after a week has passed I will tape up the green and do the silver, and then I can put them on. Also Crissy and I goofing around with our Droids.

Outer Feet Shells

Finally Working on R3 again, We ordered some A&A Outer shells but there are some pieces that are too short ;o(... And I want them done before Ancient City Con so Calvin decided to make me some while Andy is going to find out what's wrong... He actually built the shells to the motor Holder LOL!!! This is only rough cut and I still need to make the other side where the Battery boxes go and then the glazing putty and final sanding, Speaking of which I am doing the final glazing Putty on them then I am going to Paint them, hopefully this weekend.