Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shoulder Wrapping

Here we covered one of the shoulders today, we used flashing I bought from Home Depot.

It was kinda hard keeping it straight and wrapping at the same time, but it looks pretty good I used a screw to start and then used goop to glue to the shoulder.

Octagon Port And Door Magnets

Here I Painted my Octagon Port,I had to hand Paint the silver that was a Pain!!! but it turned out really nice ;0 ).... My other port had a fight with the Dremmel and the dremmel won ;0 (

I was cutting off the excess and did it at a angle instead of straight down, and guess what happened. I cut most of the bottom out AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! I almost cried. So now I need to order another one from keith.

Also we got the Aluminum mounted for the magnets for my door , I think it will do nicely still have more work to do.

Vent And Coin Return

I finally got my side vent mounted, turned out pretty good. I still need to mount the other one

also mounted my coin return cover still need to make the other piece.