Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Leg Work

Here we glued on the top round piece of my leg we used 1/4 inch Styrene , WOW lesson learned first we just cut the piece then we used weldon. we clamped it on let it sit for 3 hours... wrong when we took the clamps off it came apart. So we re glued and left it at the shop over night, and bingo that did the trick. So we glued the other leg this morning and left it I will pick it up tomorrow. I also cut more supports for my legs today, now starts the sanding and Putty. Well Calvin wants me to try my luck at cutting the horse shoes today so wish me luck.

Battery Boxes

Pieces cut for my Battery Boxes, not to bad except for the small round holes . Calvin had a time cutting them out, soon I will be putting them together.

Ankle Progress

I started on my ankles yesterday, we cut them on a table saw at my work it took about 3 1/2 hours to cut them and to do some other stuff. I still have sanding to do and filler this is a rough cut. i think they will be strong enough.


More progress on my skirt, we now have the ends cut off I still have to cut the ribs for the Skirt.
and fill all the cracks and sanding.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Horse Shoes Taking Shape

Here is some pics of my Shoes, the first one is where we drilled the holes so when we cut it out it will be easier. The 2nd one is where we cut out the holes, and the 3rd one is showing the step look. They are a little rough right now, because I still need to sand them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Horse Shoes

Here are some Pics of my Horse shoes, we still have a lot more to cut. The smaller pieces to give it the step look. Also we went ahead and drilled the holes so I can cut out the spots for my parts. And yes Calvin did the cutting on these I didn't trust myself. LOL LOL And by the way he cut all of them by Hand!!!! ;o )...

More Skirt Pictures

Here are some more pictures of my Skirt, I put the steps that we did. now it is becoming more challenging, but it is still turning out real good.Still have a lot more to do but it's half way there.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boosters Painted

Here are some pictures of my Boosters Painted, they turned out good. after I painted the Green then I hand brushed the silver in.

Making Skirt

I am making my skirt useing the Dave Everett blueprints, thanks dave!!!! Wow this is turning out great, I was puting together a A&A skirt, but it was not turning out very good. So I am making one out of Poly Styrene, I am useing 3 MM and 1 MM. As you can see it is very easy!!!
the most time was cutting the 3 MM. I can't wait to see the end result... But need to wait for the weld on to dry so I had to stop for the day.