Sunday, July 5, 2009

R3 With Sound!!!!

Here is a Video of R3 with her sound working, I got to take her out today and run her down the street. I had a Blast I am practicing for Ancient City Con the 501st invited us again. This will be our first trip there.

More Free Comic Book Day

Here are a few more pics R2 got smart with the COPS so he got put in Cuffs and taken Downtown to the Jail House LOL LOL.

Free Comic Book Day

Here are some pics finally, of free comic book day, I have had a lot going on the last month in a 1/2 so now I am taking some time to update
my Blog. We had a great time thanks to the 501st
A lot of people showed up, including Jacksonville's finest trying to shoot R2 ;o ) LOL LOL