Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Progress

A little more progress done on R3, I glued my pieces in the legs last weekend. And I also Primed my moons at work today on my lunch hour. Then came home and put them on, tomorrow I will paint it when I get home as long as it dosen't rain which it is supposed to ; o (....


The life of thomas said...

Nice going guys are working hard down to the wire...hows that times schedule looking?


R2D2 Fett said...

Colors look very nice! Looks like you will have the rod in front on one leg and the buttons on the other side?

Nice legs!! ;)

Foot is looking great too!


Brenda's blog said...

Dude SSSHHHHH!!! you was not supposed to see that, The old man did that. And there is no taking it off, so when I start my next droid I will make another one, and then it will be right LOL LOL. I was hopeing nobody would notice it.


Brenda's blog said...

Hey Thomas, Thanks Yeah Calvin is killing work come home cook dinner, work on droids go to bed and the same old routine. He is a slave driver never any rest, and as far as the schedule we are cutting it close it's work till the day arrives next week. I was gonna paint my center leg today but, I took calvin out to dinner for his Birthday.