Monday, May 10, 2010

Ankle Cylinders

I started working on my Detail Pieces did my glazing Putty to get rid of all the Pits, I also Painted my Ankle Cylinders this weekend after a week has passed I will tape up the green and do the silver, and then I can put them on. Also Crissy and I goofing around with our Droids.


Christina Thomas said...

Looking good, granny! ;)

Brenda's blog said...

Alright Peepers!!!! don't call me that I'm not a Granny yet. You or Timmy don't have any kids.


Jessica said...

LOL, and she better not till she's married or I'll bop her ears! ROFLMAO!

I love the lightsaber pictures. Looks good.

Brenda's blog said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! I like that one Jessica!!!! Yeah we were playing around with the lightSabers and then crissy wanted to take pictures. We battle on the back porch!!!!