Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Paint Progress

I've been needing to update for a couple of weeks but I've been too busy. Finally got my pieces around the panels Painted, first I put the tape on so I won't have to after I painted pieces. Then I washed everything and then painted them all. I also painted my Power Couplings had to do that by hand I painted the Silver first then I waited a week and then I painted the Green, man that was challenging getting in the small places, but it turned out pretty good. More to come.. ;o )


R2D2 Fett said...

Very good painting!!

That color looks really cool!!!

Great work!


Brenda's blog said...

Thanks man I just finished the Green on the power couplers today a little pain in the butt!!! starting to come more together.


The life of thomas said...

Nice work as always... I have a question about your dome. When you drilled the holes for the holo projector and such, how did you make the holes?


southerntech said...

Hello Brenda, I am trying to start building a R2. I saw your R3 and the Aspect dome. I ordered a dome from Aspect but it arrived and was not a half sphere as yours is. My question is can you tell me the model number that you used?