Sunday, January 27, 2008

R3 Updates

Not a lot of progress I've been delayed because of my hand. Poured boiling noodles and water..ooowwww!!!!
It was BAD!!!!!! On to R3 I painted the coin slots and glued them in, also I recieved my vents and kind of stuck them in to see what they look like. Too cold to paint right now ;o (... so I am at a stand still, maybe next weekend. ;o )..... Also i put in my Power Coupler.


The life of thomas said...

Looks very cool and I love the pictures from the Con. Ouch, about the hand! I hope you'll be back to 100% and back at working on your R3 very soon.

Cheers and take care,

Brenda's blog said...

Thanks Thomas, hopefully I can Paint this weekend if it's warm enough. yes the hand is better Thanks. still has some swelling and pretty Red doc said to keep it out of sun for 3 to six months. ;o )