Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shoulder Wrapping

Here we covered one of the shoulders today, we used flashing I bought from Home Depot.

It was kinda hard keeping it straight and wrapping at the same time, but it looks pretty good I used a screw to start and then used goop to glue to the shoulder.


Anonymous said...

I will just comment here for all 3 posts......WOW!!!!! R3 is really coming along now!!!! I see you are making your own Coin Return? Very impressed!!! Keep at it Brenda!

Brenda's blog said...

Hey john, thanks yes I have 1 more piece to finish the first one the I will start on the 2nd.


The life of thomas said...

Very impressive Brenda! I have a few questions. I must have missed it but how did you make the shoulders and where did you buy those larges sheets of styrene plastic?


Brenda's blog said...

Hey Thomas, The Styrene for the skins and the legs came from Farco Plastics in town here they ordered it for us. And the shoulders we picked up at a jobsite from a Super. It's the hard plastic they use on the houses with the wood grain look.