Monday, July 28, 2008

Pocket Vent And Side Vent & Coin Return

Here is some pictures of my Pocket Vent and my side Vent, I made the side Vents with Poly Styrene. And my Pocket vent is poly styrene and Aluminum. Also I made my Coin Return I Painted the outside with Chrome paint and the return is Aluminum Flashing.


The life of thomas said...

Hi Brenda!!!
Very cool pictures and great to see some progress stuff. You've really done a great job. When do you think your artoo will be completely finish. Not that any of us will ever consider our artoo's completely finished ;)


Brenda's blog said...

Hey Thomas, Thanks!!!! I am hopeing to have most of her finished by mega con I know she won't be completely finished but close. Jim has a booth reserved for the show ;o )... thanks Jim


R2D2 Fett said...

Looking great!! Very neat!

Love the pics from the Toys R Us midnight madness. I have checked my local wal mart about 5 times and they have NO SIGN of any clone wars toys!

Great work!


Brenda's blog said...

Hey Jason, Wow midight madness was a blast!!!! I think that was the best part except for the meeting it was a blast. We hung out a lot with Keith and Carolyn they are awesome, I will be posting a Picture of my millenium Falcon soon. ;o )