Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Video With Dome On

Here is another video of R3 with her Dome on looks much better, and i am driving her better now practice makes perfect. She will be at borderlands Comics next saturday with the 501st.


R2D2 Fett said...

Very impressive and very good range!! Sounds like some dog is pretty upset about the droid invasion in your neighbourhood!

Congratulations!! You must be very excited!!

Have a great time at the Comic place this weekend!!

DarthMoose74 said...

Very nice!

I am surprised that you waited to drive him until the outside was perfect.

Have fun at FCBD :)

Brenda's blog said...

Hey Darth, Nice Car!!! Well I just now got Her running Saturday, but the wait was worth it. I still can't believe she's running ;o )


Brenda's blog said...

Hey jason, Thanks It will go a little further but, I stopped it there just in case a Car came around the corner. I'm still a Rookie at driving her LOL LOL
I was so excited I almost drove her off the back deck. I will post some pics from the Comic shop.


The life of thomas said...

Very Cool Brenda...Congrats and good luck on saturday :D


R2D2 Fett said...

Good luck Saturday! Cant wait to see the pics!


Brenda's blog said...

Thanks Thomas, I'm having a blast!!!