Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Alive!!!!!!!

Finally!! R3 is moving what a wonderful feeling!!! Wow I have a lot of practicing to do, it is not very easy controlling her. We carried her down the steps on off she went, I ran her into the curb and got my first weathering on the Center Foot, but I had a lot of fun today running her on the street. I almost tipped her several times turning too fast.


The life of thomas said...


Finally some movement!!! :D
How does it feel? What kind of remote are you using and where did you learn to drive? ;)


Calvin Thomas said...

She did'nt learn from me :o)
I kept telling her to stay away from the curbs and before I could grab R3, She hit a curb.
Oh well, It's just weathering.
I would hate to be someone standing in front.

Brenda's blog said...

Hey Thomas, I used the C6C controller which lets me use a PS2 controller. And as for the driving??? well Calvin taught me how to drive when I was 14.... And Wow does it feel Great driving her around.

Old man as for you.... You better watch out now I can run over R2 and do some damage.


Jim Quinlan said...

Whoa ! If we have droid races at MegaCon next year I think we're in trouble Calvin ! Very nice Brenda !

Brenda's blog said...

Thanks for the comment but.... I was driving very bad it was my first time the buttons were very touchy, takes a little time to get used to it. LOL LOL.