Saturday, June 26, 2010

Foot Shell Almost Complete

Finally one complete!!! I just need to glue the pieces in the Battery Boxes. I just have them stuck in there,I got the other foot painted white today, They are not perfect but it's good enough for me. I am very Happy the way they turned out, I let my hoses set outside in the sun and rain for about 2 1/2 months and they look pretty weathered now.R3 will have Shells for Ancient City Con in 2 weeks!!!!! SWEET!!!!


The life of thomas said...

Wow...Super nice! Can't wait to see it at CV :D


Brenda's blog said...

Thanks Thomas, We are ready now!!!! will be a nice change and good to get away from all the stress. See yall soon!!!!!

jduffphoto said...

Looks great Brenda!! Good to see some updates on your site. Now, if you can get Calvin to update so we can see what he's been up to..... ;-D

I'm really lookin forward to seeing the progress on the new droids. I'm already considering number 2 as either an R4 or R5 just to do something different, and I'm thinking of a complete styrene build.


Brenda's blog said...

Thanks Jon, Calvin has been helping me on my foot shells and, working on Crissy's legs for Goldie!!! so I will tell him to give some updates!!! LOL Yeah I'm bringing R2-Q5 but I still have a lot to do since I have been working on R3 to get her finished for CV. Are you going to do your new one out of Styrene??