Thursday, June 3, 2010

Foot Shell Primed

Well finally got 1 foot shell finished and and Primed, did pretty good with the Glazing Putty so tonight I will wet sand and tomorrow Paint. This has been a long time coming WHOO HOO!!!!


Steele Smith said...

That looks fantastic Brenda! I'm at the exact same step and I keep finding tiny little spots that need filler. What brand of glazing putty did you use?

Jessica said...

Wow, Your just chugging along. I'm so jealous. Maybe I'll get some work on R7 done tomorrow. :D

Brenda's blog said...

Hey Steel, Thanks!!!! I'm trying to get her ready for CV, The Brand I use is My by Bondo the red colored one. I don't like the Gray color.Do you have a Blog or some pics of yours?? I'd like to check it out ;o )


Brenda's blog said...

Hey Jess, Yeah I'm trying LOL, I also cut more of Crissy's Leg for Goldie today and my hand hurts!!!!
So hows the Resin parts coming along???