Saturday, September 13, 2008

Making Skirt

I am making my skirt useing the Dave Everett blueprints, thanks dave!!!! Wow this is turning out great, I was puting together a A&A skirt, but it was not turning out very good. So I am making one out of Poly Styrene, I am useing 3 MM and 1 MM. As you can see it is very easy!!!
the most time was cutting the 3 MM. I can't wait to see the end result... But need to wait for the weld on to dry so I had to stop for the day.


danf said...

I love your droid. I have been reading your blog for a while now and got to see it live and up close at the meet at Florida Robot's house. Truely an inspiration for those of us on a budget.I've finally started my own now and was wondering where did you find the Dave Everett skirt plans? I didn' see them in the yahoo files. Keep up the awsome work.

Brenda's blog said...

Hey Dan, Thanks for the comment, you need Dave Everetts approval. You will need to join the R2 Australia builders group. Once you join the group ask Dave for the Blueprints. The rest of my Droid I did on my own, I wish I had his Plans earlier. The Skirt is easy with his Plans.
Thanks Brenda