Sunday, June 24, 2007

Center Foot & Test Strip

Here is the Center Foot that Calvin made out of styerene the same piece that I cut my Skins out of, I also have enough to make my outer Feet too. He said I will cut them out and make them myself :0 ) I can't wait!!! And here is a sample Paint that I Painted yesterday and it turned out nice. Also I wanted to post a picture of my helper his name is Yoda. HE HE he is a Year and half old I got him when he was 6 Months. More updates to come :0 )


John Barrett said...

Glad you found your color!!! Hey!!!!!!!!! Yoda seems to have a little of that color in him!!! LOL..Well, just a little. Paint those panels soon!!! Cant wait to see the pics.

Brenda's blog said...

Thanks I thought it was going to take forever but I lucked up yesterday.The paint is on clearance for $2.88 so I bought 7 cans, hopefully thats enough. Thanks for the comment on my Baby LOL LOL. :0 )


Hankey01 said...

Paint on clearance! NICE SCORE!

Brenda's blog said...

Yes,that's the best kind. I'm the clearance Queen. :0 )