Sunday, June 17, 2007

Aspect Dome

Got my Aspect Dome and Sit and Spin.

Also found the ring at Michaels for $3.89 Good deal. The ring is to give my Dome a base to set on and allow it to turn. Once I get the Blue Prints printed I will start marking the Dome for Paint. And my next step is to find the right color.

R3 is kind of a light green where R2 is Blue if anybody knows the color it would be helpful. :0 )


John Barrett said...

Does the Aspects dome have to cut to size? Or, is it basically ready to go? It looks like a perfect dome!!


Brenda's blog said...

It's ready to go it's either cut the panels or paint them on so Im going to paint them like the original one.


Christina Thomas said...

Can I sit n' spin on your R3? lolololololololololol

Brenda's blog said...

Oh I see tring to sit on R3 NOT!!!!!! But I think I'll blow up Goldie like in the movie!!!!